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Travelling without airplanes…

At the moment of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, I was in the north of Finland to give a guest lecture at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

How I managed to get From Oulu (Finland) to Antwerp (Belgium):

9  AM Thursday: I was supposed to leave at Oulu airport on Thursday at 11 AM. But there were no departing or arriving flights because of the volcanic dust.
10 AM Thursday:  I travelled by train to Helsinki as Helsinki airport was still open on Thursday morning.
6  PM  Thursday: When I arrived at the airport, it had already been closed
8 PM Thursday: I decided to take a ferry to Tallin (Estonia). I arrived in Estonia around 1AM on Friday.

2PM, Friday: Bus from Tallin to Riga (Latvia)
6PM, Friday: Bus from Riga to Warsaw (Poland)

6AM, Saturday: arrival in Warsaw
11AM, Saturday: bus from Warsaw to Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

8AM, Sunday: arrival in Amsterdam
1PM, Sunday: arrival in Antwerp

All trips were booked opon arrival in each city because it was not possible to book the complete trip in advance, so I never knew if I would be able to leave a city or would have to stay there for a while.
The only place where I had to stay one night was Tallin, because I arrived at night around 1AM. I met several interesting people on the road and everybody was very friendly because we all had similar problems, in the end it was actually a good experience for me.

Travel Map
Article in a local newspaper (dutch)

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