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Arduino Cheat Sheet — The most important Arduino commands and syntax

1 August 2013 4 comments

Arduino Cheat Sheet” is a poster that gives an overview of the most important Arduino commands and syntax.

It is based on ArduinoCheatSheet by The Mechatronics Guy and created with Brian Amberg’s baposter LaTeX poster style. All the information is based on the Arduino Language Reference website.

Download .pdf version

More info on the Arduino forum.

Complete poster (lowres):

(old screenshot, some typo’s have been fixed after posting this article)

Complete poster (lowres)

Complete poster (lowres)

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):


Conference presentation: Arduino-based Wireless Sensor Network

4 October 2012 2 comments

Last week, I presented an article on the development of an Arduino-based wireless sensor network implementation at the AMBIENT 2012 conference in Barcelona. The conference was organised by IARIA, a non-for-profit, non-government organization that aims to promote scientific and industrial interchanges between scientific, academic and industrial researchers.

The presentation and the article are available for download.

Abstract—The paper presents an Arduino-based wireless sensor network to monitor parking lots using a non-standard low-power energy-balanced system. The event-driven routing protocol follows the hierarchical clustering philosophy. Energy is saved by minimising the number of transmissions needed to forward information to the base station. The smart sensor platform is build using the popular Arduino development platform, Sharp IR distance sensors and nRF24 low-power radio modules. Our practical results show that this platform is easy to use, but not the most appropriate platform to develop low-power wireless sensor network applications.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN); Smart Parking Application; Clustering; Arduino; nRF24.

The source code will be available on Google Code in the near future.

Conference presentation on the development of Arduino based smart objects

I presented an article at the ECUMICT conference in Ghent.
ECUMICT is a two-days conference on the use of modern information and communication technologies, organised by the engineering department of KaHo St Lieven, Ghent.

The presentation and the article are available for download.

The fields of embedded systems and networking are being merged, giving rise to the “Internet Of Things”, built with smart objects that allow people to interact with everyday objects and vice-versa. We developed a cube, equipped with an Arduino based development board, various sensors and an XBee wireless interface, which enables us to develop new methods of human computer interaction. The cube was tested as an input controller for several computer games. The software was released under an open source license. This system will be used to develop new sensor driven applications.

Study of RSS-Based Localisation Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks

Localisation of nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is important to context-aware and position-dependent applications. Many algorithms exist for localising nodes using received signal strength. In this paper, we present a quantitative comparison of algorithms which use RSS as a ranging method and present a localisation software framework called Senseless. We conducted a survey about the influence of the orientation of a node. Our study finds that the received power is not equal in all directions and that no single best algorithm for localisation exists to date. Each algorithm has a different purpose and diverse properties. The optimal algorithm can be chosen for each environment. In our environment, MinMax is the current algorithm of choice. Using this framework, we implemented several centralised algorithms: Trilateration, Min-Max, Centroid Localisation and Weighted Centroid Localisation.

Conference website:
Full Paper available: here

Paper ticketing vs. Electronic Ticketing based on off-line system ‘Tapango’

12 February 2010 Leave a comment

An electronic voucher system, which intended to replace paper vouchers by an electronic wristlet was developed by the e-lab, Artesis’ research lab. This project has lead to the development of the Tapango system. The NFC technology has been used to create one, universal “wallet” for different events, the system is an attempt to replace paper ticketing services used nowadays. In this paper we provide a valid comparison between electronic and paper ticketing system by means of user feedback, benchmarking and real-life test cases.

Conference website:
Paper available here

Added some publications…

17 February 2009 Leave a comment

D’haenens R., Doggen J., Bakker D., Dams T., “Transmitting Scalable Video with Unequal Error Protection over 802.11b/g,” IEEE International Workshop on Simulators for Wireless Networks, Avignon, October 2008.

Doggen J., Pauwels S., Van der Schueren F., Vaningelgem L., Schaeps T., Schrooyen F., Goossens M., Castreuil A., Pelkmans K., “Thematic Weeks: a New Concept in Engineering Education”, ICEE Hungary, New Challenges in Engineering Education and Research in the 21st Century, Budapest, August 2008.

Doggen J, Van der Schueren F., “Design and Simulation of a H.264 AVC Video Streaming Model,” , ECUMICT, European Conference on the Use of Modern Information and Communication Technologies, Ghent, March 2008.

Papers and slides available here