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Arduino Cheat Sheet — The most important Arduino commands and syntax

1 August 2013 4 comments

Arduino Cheat Sheet” is a poster that gives an overview of the most important Arduino commands and syntax.

It is based on ArduinoCheatSheet by The Mechatronics Guy and created with Brian Amberg’s baposter LaTeX poster style. All the information is based on the Arduino Language Reference website.

Download .pdf version

More info on the Arduino forum.

Complete poster (lowres):

(old screenshot, some typo’s have been fixed after posting this article)

Complete poster (lowres)

Complete poster (lowres)

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):


Arduino Library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo

13 March 2013 1 comment

A while ago, I started a Google code project to share an Arduino library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo

This project is a free initiative to create an Arduino library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo.
The main goal is to provide a library that simplifies the usage of this particular servo in Arduino projects.

Available functions:

  • rotate(speed)
  • rotateLeft(speed) & rotateRight(speed)
  • rotateLeft(speed, time) & rotateRight(int speed, int time)
  • noMovement() & noMovement(time)

Library Usage:

  1. Download the source
  2. Place the ContinuousRotationServo? folder in your Arduino1.0+ “libraries” folder
  3. Open example sketch: “file”, “Examples”, “ContinuousRotationServo”, “Rotate” (or “RotateTime”)
  4. Connect the signal pin to port 2 (and connect Vcc and GND, ensure Vcc is able to source approx. 200 mA)
  5. Compile & upload code
  6. The servo should be moving as requested


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Conference presentation on the development of Arduino based smart objects

I presented an article at the ECUMICT conference in Ghent.
ECUMICT is a two-days conference on the use of modern information and communication technologies, organised by the engineering department of KaHo St Lieven, Ghent.

The presentation and the article are available for download.

The fields of embedded systems and networking are being merged, giving rise to the “Internet Of Things”, built with smart objects that allow people to interact with everyday objects and vice-versa. We developed a cube, equipped with an Arduino based development board, various sensors and an XBee wireless interface, which enables us to develop new methods of human computer interaction. The cube was tested as an input controller for several computer games. The software was released under an open source license. This system will be used to develop new sensor driven applications.

Curious picture

5 January 2011 Leave a comment

While cleaning up some old documents I stumbled upon this curious picture I took two years ago.
The picture shows two rainbows in front of a night sky with several stars.

Exif info

Rainbows @ Night

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