I have supervised several bachelors and masters theses in electronics-ICT at Artesis University College of Antwerp. Here I have added some of the students’ work.

If you are one of my former students and you want your work added/removed/updated … just let me know.


  • Luis Ostiz, Carlos Pita
  • Andy Schryvers
  • Georges Liekens
  • Toon Van Assche
  • Dennis Van den Broeck, Jasper Janssens
  • Mikhael Regni
  • Julius ter Pelkwijk
  • Maarten Luyts





  • Robin D’haenens article
  • Nick Verbaendert & David Henderickx article
  • Man Hung Wong
  • Kristof Verstuyft & Langens Tim article
  • Castreuil Anthony & Pelkmans Kevin article


  • Yves Masset
  • Fabrizio Usai
  • Kevin Hendrickx & Kris De Boeck
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