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Arduino Cheat Sheet — The most important Arduino commands and syntax

1 August 2013 4 comments

Arduino Cheat Sheet” is a poster that gives an overview of the most important Arduino commands and syntax.

It is based on ArduinoCheatSheet by The Mechatronics Guy and created with Brian Amberg’s baposter LaTeX poster style. All the information is based on the Arduino Language Reference website.

Download .pdf version

More info on the Arduino forum.

Complete poster (lowres):

(old screenshot, some typo’s have been fixed after posting this article)

Complete poster (lowres)

Complete poster (lowres)

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):


TI-86 calculator on Android

13 May 2011 6 comments

I just discovered Andie Graph, an emulator for the TI86 Graphing Calculator that runs on Android.

This small app emulates the Z80 CPU found in the TI-86 calculator.
You only have to download this rom image, copy it to your smartphone and you always have a compact version of the TI-86 calculator in your pocket. (it is illegal to download this image if you dont have the original TI-86)


  • Jaymz’s TI-86 asm games and files
  • TI-86 manual/tutorial
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