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Arduino Library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo

13 March 2013 1 comment

A while ago, I started a Google code project to share an Arduino library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo

This project is a free initiative to create an Arduino library for the Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servo.
The main goal is to provide a library that simplifies the usage of this particular servo in Arduino projects.

Available functions:

  • rotate(speed)
  • rotateLeft(speed) & rotateRight(speed)
  • rotateLeft(speed, time) & rotateRight(int speed, int time)
  • noMovement() & noMovement(time)

Library Usage:

  1. Download the source
  2. Place the ContinuousRotationServo? folder in your Arduino1.0+ “libraries” folder
  3. Open example sketch: “file”, “Examples”, “ContinuousRotationServo”, “Rotate” (or “RotateTime”)
  4. Connect the signal pin to port 2 (and connect Vcc and GND, ensure Vcc is able to source approx. 200 mA)
  5. Compile & upload code
  6. The servo should be moving as requested


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