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Arduino Cheat Sheet — The most important Arduino commands and syntax

1 August 2013 4 comments

Arduino Cheat Sheet” is a poster that gives an overview of the most important Arduino commands and syntax.

It is based on ArduinoCheatSheet by The Mechatronics Guy and created with Brian Amberg’s baposter LaTeX poster style. All the information is based on the Arduino Language Reference website.

Download .pdf version

More info on the Arduino forum.

Complete poster (lowres):

(old screenshot, some typo’s have been fixed after posting this article)

Complete poster (lowres)

Complete poster (lowres)

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):

Top right corner (zoomed):


Automated multiple choice exam grading

6 June 2011 4 comments

I wrote a little tool for automated multiple choice exam grading.

The idea:

  1. Students receive two sheets: one questions sheet and one answer sheet
  2. They indicate their correct answer by erasing the wrong answers (letters) on the answer sheet (see scan on the right)
  3. When all students have finished their exam, the answer sheets are batch-scanned and send to some email address.
  4. The server receives this email, starts processing the scans, calculates the grades and sends out a report to the lecturer

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